Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Featured at The Arizona Daily Wildcat

Here we are in front of the greenhouse.
Image Copyright Rachel Gottfried
We've were interviewed by Rachel Gottfried of The Arizona Daily Wildcat about our ranch and garden. You can read her article about us here. We took her on a tour of the ranch so she could see the changes we've made to the Gigantic Garden, the seedlings in the greenhouse, and she got to meet the new baby goats and sheep.

She was intrigued by the pile of weeds and Christmas trees that we feed to our animals. They all love the weeds. The goats are still de-needling trees, with two more left to go. They've eaten well over twenty of them. I'm saving the trunks to build a rustic fence, possibly by the area I want to start a food forest garden beneath the mesquite trees.

This year, we plan to grow enough produce to supply both restaurants and possibly start a CSA (community supported agriculture) program to offer surplus produce and ranch products to future members. If you are interested in joining a CSA this spring, please email me and let me know. It's still in the planning stages so your input will help! I can be reached at traci_markou (at) yahoo.com

While the garden is mostly "sleeping" for the winter, things are really taking off in the greenhouse. Yesterday all the cucumber sprouts started poking their heads out of the dirt. The zucchinis are in the lead, and the tomatoes keep sneaking up as tiny sprouts that I have to get close up to see.

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