Sunday, November 10, 2013

Get Lucky

As posted previously, we would like to phaze out the Blackbelly sheep. We have sent all the previous lambs off to the U of A Meat Science Department and have only the mommies and daddy remaining. This is a great starter flock for anyone interested in the American Blackbelly breed of sheep. They are a hair sheep, meaning they don't get wooly or require shearing or tail docking. They put on a thick undercoat which is shed after winter. A hardy breed of sheep, they are well adapted to the warm climate and are beautiful. Their meat is lean and does not have the strong flavor that wool sheep tend to possess.

These were our starter sheep and three of them are relatively friendly. The ram can be petted over the fence and all will come to eat from your hand if you have some cracked corn as a treat.

If you are interested in acquiring this small herd (1 ram and 4 ewes, likely bred) please contact me via email at traci_markou (a) to set up a day/time to meet.

UPDATE: Lucky has moved on to greener pastures. At the time of this posting, we still have four Blackbelly ewes and three mixed breed ewes available. Please contact me if you are interested in purchasing them.

2nd UPDATE: All the sheep have moved on. Sugar, DoeDoe and Ginger have gone to live at a petting zoo!

Lucky after a good brushing and pen cleaning.