Resources, References and Links to Useful Farmy Stuff

One thing I love to do is learn more about how to do the things I love to do. Books and internet sites abound in my list of resources below. If you are interested in gardening, raising your own animals, and making things from your harvests, here is a list of spots you may want to check out before you get started. Remember that there is often more than one way to do something. Find the way that works best for you.

Chickens in Your Backyard by Rick and Gail Luttman
This book is a classic to me and I was reading it years before I purchased my first hen. It has a lot of sound advice and easy plans for building coops.

How to Trim a Cow's Hoof an article written by The Lancasters. Simple and detailed explaining how they trim their cow's hooves on a regular basis without the use of a tilt table, squeeze chute, or grinder.

Caring for Cows by Valerie Porter - Recommended by Gucci's prior owner. This is a nice book with all around cow information and approaches the care of your cow in a manner more in keeping with working with a good friend that gives you milk, manure and calves.

Essential Guide to Calving by Heather Smith Thomas - A guide to help you through the calving process. This book was loaded with photos and the author's own experiences with cows. Very useful if not a little bit frightening with regards to the things that can go wrong.

A place to get the right size cow fly mask:

Raising Ducks in Your Backyard - Poultry One's Online Article. Very basic but still helpful.

Gaia's Garden by Toby Hemenway
This is the textbook of permaculture gardening. It's loaded with a lot of very useful ideas and information. Beware, it does read like a textbook and it's a great reference to keep onhand. It took me many before bed readings to get through, but well worth the effort.

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It by John Seymour - I have loved this book for years. It's basically an overview of many farmy things based on the author's own experiences. Extremely informative and useful. It makes me want to shut off the TV and PC and run oustide and build or plant something.

How to Raise Goats by Carol Amundson. This is a good basic book that shows a new to goats person what to consider before getting a goat, and why people keep them. Decent basic info about care and maintenance.
Vallet Vet Supply for vaccinations and many veterinary supplies you may need for your animals.

Shelter-How We Live an interesting blog about alternative shelter methods. an interesting site about tiny houses and solutions to make them work.

Soap Making
Milk Soapmaking by Anne L. Watson - lots of recipes to try.
Providence Acres Farm's Making Organic Soap at Home free e-book, very useful.