Goat Milk Soap for Sale!


In my spare time (of which there is not very much) I make cold process goat milk soap. My usual recipe is very simple: soybean oil, goat milk, lye, and fragrances that I get from Brambleberry. When I began making soap it was because I was milking nine goats and I had extra milk. I hate for things to go to waste and there is only so much milk and cheese a family can consume. I found various soap making sites online and decided to give it a try. I gave much of my first batch away and our accountant, who suffers from psoriasis, came back asking for more as it helped alleviate his symptoms. So I made more. And more as other friends and family members wanted some for unique gifts or personal use.

I sell my soaps through Tanque Verde Hay and Feed and also through our restaurant, Pelio Grill. If you want some and you don't live in Tucson, Arizona, you can email me your order, pay through PayPal and I can ship them to you through the post office using flat rate boxes. Be aware that I am only one person working about four different jobs, so I may not be as fast as I'd like. My soap is made in small batches by hand, takes five weeks to cure, and is packaged by hand as well. 

I have found that the reason homemade goat milk soap seems to help those with skin conditions is not because of the ingredients it contains, but the lack of ingredients. Many commercially made soaps use drying agents in order to cure their soap faster and these chemicals likely irritate already sensitive skin.



LARGE BARS (4 oz) Priced at $4 each
This is the size soap bar you would likely use in your shower or bath. It will last a long while if you keep it where it can dry out between uses. A simple soap dish with grooves in the bottom so water will drip off works well. We keep ours on our metal shower rack by the shavers, shampoo and washcloths.

This fragrance reminds me of grapefruits and oranges. It is a light, fruity scent that's nice to wake up to in the shower.

A cross between cucumber and honeydew scents, this is my mom's favorite and the favorite of the feedstore owners.

This sweet smelling soap reminds me of wildflower honey.

My most popular soap. It smells like yummy cookies, sweet, light, and not overpowering.

If you love the smell of white roses, this is the soap for you.

Classic and manly, but many women like this scent as well. Sandalwood is a distinct musky fragrance that reminds me of incense and leather.

A strong, clean scent.

A soft, sweet scent with a hint of brown sugar.


SMALL BARS (a little over 2 ounces) Priced at $2 each and the shapes vary. Small bars are best used by the hand sink.

A subtle coconut and a sweet vanilla blend.

This sweet smelling soap reminds me of wildflower honey.


These are small batches of soap that I was experimenting with. There is a limited availability and they contain different ingredients than the usual recipe. I cannot guarantee that I will make them again as it depends on how well they sell and if the ingredients are available the next time around.

LARGE BARS (4 oz) Priced at $5 each
Ingredients: soybean oil, goat milk, lye, cocoa, fragrance. This soap smells delicious and is a milk chocolate color.

Ingredients: lard, palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, goat milk, lye, fragrance, and cinnamon. This soap was made from rendered lard from a friend's 4H project pig as well as three other moisturizing oils.


Shipping costs vary based on what you order and which flat rate box it will all fit into. I only ship to locations within the United States using USPS flat rate boxes. Once you've decided on your order, email me and I will play Tetris with your soaps and a flat rate box, then email you back with a price that includes the shipping. To give you an idea, a small USPS flat rate box fits 4 large bars of soap.


You may contact me via email at traci_markou (at) yahoo.com and please change the (at) to @. I work several jobs so I may not answer right away, but I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you for your interest!