Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Veggie Shack

I wanted a place I could wash the veggies at this spring. Nothing fancy. Maybe a concrete pad, a ramada, a utility type sink. So I sent out for estimates. My husband suggested I ask my neighbor, Manny, if he would be interested in building it for me.

Well, not only was Manny's estimate lower, he was planning a building. Not a ramada...a real building with walls, a roof, windows, a door.

We started construction a couple of weeks ago, and I had agreed to help in as much as I could. First the area was cleared and a concrete pad was set. Then Manny and his grandson framed the whole thing, hooked on the walls, set the roof, added the windows and door and BAM it was done. Just like that. It's the best building I have out there. I love it.

This morning I started painting it. First the primer and then a coat of Barn Red from WalMart. I need to do another coat of the red and go back and do all the trim in the cream color I have left over from the outhouse.


1st coat of paint

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