Sunday, August 12, 2012

August Heat

Mojo with his temporary sheep wives.
He's quarantined from other bucks
until his half a horn heals up.
It hit 110 degrees today. It's too hot.

The buck goats have managed to beat the heck out of everything in their pen. They've ripped the corrugated roof off their brick mansion. They've rammed a hole large enough to walk through in the back of the old Creepy Coop and claimed that building as their man-cave. They've torn through two layers of wire fencing and I had to steal corral panels from Gucci to keep those troublesome stinkers in place. The next thing to go is going to be their gate. It's hangin' by two chains and keeps getting whacked so hard that it turns cock-eyed. Only a matter of time before they tear it off.

Mojo beat the coop so hard he busted off half of one of his very thick horns. It was bloody and gruesome looking but it's dried up. Max the dog stole the busted off piece and has it hidden somewhere on the property.

Do you think it might be breeding season or what?

I guess the point of this post is that goats are super strong. Bucks are even stronger than that when they want to get to the ladies. So, if you want to have goats, invest in heavy duty goat proof panels. It's on my To Do list.

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