Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cattle Limo

We've been watching the classifieds aka: craigslist for a decent used trailer. Since we likely won't be moving our large animals around a whole lot, we figured a small two horse model would be fine. One came up for sale yesterday and it was still available when I called, so we drove on out to Sahuarita and checked it out. It belonged to a nice family who had several cows, goats, and chickens and children of their own. They had moved up to a much larger livestock trailer and didn't need the little one.

It looked good enough for our needs and needs a little bit of TLC, but nothing too crazy, so we hitched it up and brought it on home. I think it'll fit in just fine and if we need to take Gucci to ger her nails done at a cow salon, now we can.

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