Thursday, December 13, 2012

Life as Usual

Well, not for T-Bone-Mr.Sandwich-Texas-Baby-Cow. He had grown increasingly assertive about who was allowed to eat and who was allowed to be in the cow pen. In other words, he was beating up Karma and eating all the food and then he took to beating on me when it was time to do clean up in the pen. I can't say he was a mean cow. Just turning dominant. He'd come up for his scratches and pets and then take to whacking me with his big, heavy, hard head. He knocked me down once and was very excited at his newfound power. After that I wouldn't go in there unless I had a big stick to hold out in front of me in warning. I never hit him, but it was there in case he came at me. I didn't trust him anymore.

Nevertheless it was still sad to see him go and I walked him through the chutes at the U of A Meat Science Department to the holding pen where he awaited his doom the following day.

We did get a replacement cow so Karma won't be alone. She's a bit of an anomolay. Read more about her HERE.

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