Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hanging out with Cattle

Karma the calf has continued to become friendlier. She needs to be halter trained, but I suppose we'll get around to that out of necessity eventually. She likes face rubs and can usually be bribed by them. Karma's scheduled to get her Brucellosis shot and be dehorned (EEK!) in October. Poor baby.

Baby-Cow the Black Angus steer is continuing to grow into a healthy, chunky if not tall, fellow. I had thought I'd need to get his hooves trimmed but when I started free ranging the cows, he ran so much he broke the overgrown tips right off his hooves. Now they look nice and neat.

Gucci developed an abscess on the bottom of the bad quarter of her udder which I was instructed to treat by the vet. That means no milk for us, all for her baby who gladly has taken up that job. The abscess has mostly cleared up and is starting to close, but I worry over it every day and keep it clean and medicated. Gucci could care less what I'm doing down there as long as she has food.

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