Friday, August 24, 2012

Roof Over Their Horned Heads

Earlier we built the goats a pallet house. We were quite pleased with the ease of construction and were able to assemble it in one day.

The goats laughed. They had their babies in it and promptly went to work ripping apart the corrugated rubber roof. After they dismantled that, they began scratching and rubbing against the walls, compromising the integrity of the building.

We left the skeletal remains up all summer and gave up.

Until today. I scavenged three long beams from a fence panel the bucks had all but destroyed and nailed them atop the panel walls.

The goats chuckled, amused. Big Momma rubbed her head against the beams, testing their strength.

She watched me nail on an old tarp and smirked. It's only a matter of time before they destroy this...again.

Or is it?


  1. I believe they need to what is it... I think the word is 'graze' I'm looking for. A roofed small container like that will make them rowdy. But cozy! Nice work!

    -Adam Ahmed

  2. They hate the rain and have been using it when the monsoons come. I guess I was trying to make their house too fancy with the old roof. Their horns have yet to bust through the tarp. It moves with them when they whack it.

    And they do love to graze and browse and munch when we let them out to maraude.