Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Life is change. It happens every day. Sometimes in small increments that move so slowly we don’t realize they’ve occurred, and sometimes they happen right before our eyes in seconds.

We have closed our larger restaurant, Fat Greek 2 – Greek Taverna, which was located on Swan and Camp Lowell here in Tucson. For the past two years the economy has been killing it, and there was nothing we could do to stop the inevitable. That doesn’t mean we didn’t try. We did. Many times and in many ways. But to no avail.

The most difficult aspect of all was having to say goodbye to our employees. They have been with us a long time, were great at problem solving and looking after each other. Customers often told us that they received excellent, friendly service when they came in. These employees were even there for us when it was time to move out. Times are difficult right now, and we are sorry most of all, that they have to go out there and find other places to work.

Our first restaurant has been closed since July 2012 due to flood damage from a waterline in the space above us. We have been waiting for the insurance to decide how much it will pay to cover the damages so we can renovate the place. We had been under the impression that location would be up and running well before now, but have since discovered that insurance companies move as fast as molasses on a winter night.

So I have to decide what my plans are now for the ranch as even though it is a hobby farm, its main purpose was to aid the restaurants. Do I keep going and plan to plant a spring garden with the idea that the first location will be open and in need of farm fresh produce? Or not? If the restaurant isn’t open in time and the garden does produce this year, what will I do with all that food? Roadside stand? Try the CSA farm idea? I just don’t know. There is no way to see what the future holds. There never is.

For now, my goats’ udders are drying up with the next birth expected in a month or so from Tsica, and she is not fun to milk. She’s huge too, by the way. If there is only one kid in there, it’s going to be named Hulk. I have cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli plants growing in the garden and a few seedlings started in the greenhouse. I have many sheep. (I get the occasional calls from folks saying they want to buy sheep, but they either don’t call back to set a time to meet, or they set a time and they don’t show up at all.) I didn’t breed all my goats this past season as demand for goats is low and I would hate to see them sold for slaughter because they are so well socialized and love people. The goats are the most clever and enjoyable animals out there.

I think it’s time to think on this and try to guess which way the road will turn in my future…

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  1. Shar here......reminds me of a song we are singing for our April concert...... The Road not Taken...... I know that whatever road turns up, it will be the right one for you.... sometimes we just aren't sure, but I do believe that the Universe knows what we need not what we think we want....You know where I am!