Monday, January 14, 2013

Branches to Bedding

I broke down and got a chipper shredder from Lowe's the other day. Apparently, these pieces of equipment aren't that popular in Tucson, making them difficult to find. The only place carrying them in stock was Lowe's and they had 2. Both were the same model. It was slightly more than I wanted to spend but since I figured I'll be getting loads of Christmas trees in the years to come, I went ahead and got it. And my pile of branches was growing unmanageable. I wanted a chipper that day.

I don't like working with engines. Chain saws are a little scary. So are chipper/shredders. Maybe it's Texas Chain Saw Massacre or Fargo that made me think that way. Not sure.

I did manage to get my husband to do the chipping. He chopped up a lot of branches and nearly filled the bag that came with the machine. I dumped that nice, fresh, pine-smelling bedding in the duck pen. He has a while to go before he catches up to the goats handiwork. We may enlist our children to cut the branches into straighter pieces before he husbands chips.

In the following picture you can see the ducks' area with its new layer of bedding:

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