Sunday, August 12, 2012

New Goose Address

The geese have moved to a new spot at the rear of the garden. There were just too many birds in the newish duck pen (which is completely enclosed to prevent red-tailed hawk poaching).

I feel the geese are simply way too big and loud for a hawk to take, especially when they're all together. The way they bite at strangers I bet they could take down a hawk and eat it for breakfast...just saying'.

The section of garden they live in now is away from our regular feeding route, so we are spared the raucous goose alarm each time we walk by with a flake of alfalfa. They have their own pool, doghouse and get fresh weeds every time I'm in the garden working. It's handy.

They seem to like it just fine. We are pretty sure we now have 3 females and one very big male. BB, Silly Goose, and Bruce Goose (a girl) are watched over by a boy goose we named Sue. Why all the gender confusion? I guess we like to keep folks guessing.

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