Sunday, March 25, 2012

Brave Sheep

This is Baby Sheep # 1, also known as Brave Sheep or Braveheart. We call her that because, of all the Barbados Sheep, she is the friendliest. She walks right up to us when the others dart and run. Yesterday morning she wasn't feeling so hot. She retired to the sheep house and pawed the ground. She'd sit, stand, sit, lay. Just couldn't quite get comfortable. Brave Sheep was also the last pregnant sheep in the pen.

This is Brave Sheep's husband (he's a polygamist, by the way). His name is Lucky. He's grown ever so much more handsome than the day we brought him to live at the ranch. He was only three months old then. He's also in to older sheep, as evidenced by his other wife, DoeDoe.

We had the good fortune to witness the birth of Brave Sheep and Lucky's little baby girl. It took a while, and the new mom was a little confused by the whole process, but everything came out okay in the end:

The baby was big, so we figured it was a single birth (after we waited around and watched, hoping for a second.)

Brave Sheep's Baby even passed the official Chicken Inspection. The little one was soon up and seeking food. Brave Sheep wasn't so brave about someone touching her milkmakers, so I eventually crawled in there and held her still until her baby could get to the milk supply.
And so the births are done in there for this year. Whew.

We await the arrival of Gucci Cow's baby any day now...

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