Tuesday, November 22, 2011

What's Going On?

Plain Jane Goat Milk Soap
It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's a quick note to let you know what's going on at the ranch right now.

1. Winter is chilling the nights and shortening the days which means the hens are laying less eggs. Or they're hiding them somewhere real good that I have yet to stumble upon. The goats are giving less milk as it's been close to a year on Star and Pepper being in milk and little Violet is tiny and never gave a lot anyways.

2. Winter froze some of the gigantic garden, so much of it is not producing. We still have a few tomato plants that are barely hanging in there, a lot of bell peppers, eggplants, green onions, cabbage, and I think (hope and pray) the zucchinis are hanging on beneath the plastic sheeting I put up to protect them from frost.

3. The test garden is almost gone. Why you ask? Because when I let my cow out to roam (and I really like to let her do that) she likes to eat the test garden. Don't feel bad. There wasn't much left in it anyways. The few plants that were still alive have been transplanted to the gigantic garden. Besides, Gucci is not all to blame. The goats occasionaly escape and they, too, like to eat bell and chili peppers. Who doesn't want a little spice in their life now and again?

4. The pumpkin patch is halfway gone. For the same reasons listed in number 3. Once the vines in there die out, pumpkins will then be grown within the safety of a fenced area.

5. There's a WALL going up. A five foot brick wall between mine and my neighbor's property. This is great news. I'm 99% sure a goat cannot get through a brick wall. Note the 1%. They're very clever, sneaky animals. I wish the wall was going up around the entire property and that there were little brick goat and sheep houses, but hey, you can't always get what you want. Once the wall construction ends, I will have to do some fanagling with wire fences and pen rearrangements. Oh the neverending joy that is fence repair.

6. The cooler days mean I'm very busy out there moving dirt and poo. A lot. More often than ever before.

7. I've made two batches of Plain Jane goat milk soap. Only soybean oil, goat milk, and lye. That's it. No colors. No fragrances. No weirdness. So, if you want some, it will be available at our Swan and Camp Lowell restaurant location in about four weeks. It has to fully cure first.

8. Gucci likes to bump me with her head until I scratch the spots where her horns used to be. A little frightening, but ends well as long as I do what she wants.

9. Still no baby goats, Mom. We're waiting patiently.

10. The new goathouse is in need of repair ALREADY! They managed to knock down two rooms by way of rubbing and butting on the walls. Hence the mention of dreamy brick goathouses in number 5. Ah, someday...

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