Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Greenhouse

Technically it's not done. It needs four braces added to the inside, but I figured I'd get some seeds started in the greenhouse ASAP to get a jump on the growing season. According to the directions, this model (purchased from HomeDepot.com) should take two people approximately two days to assemble. It took me and mostly unwilling child labor about two weeks to assemble off and on. That's not to say two adults couldn't make the two day timeline. Most times I go to the ranch I have a lot of other chores to get done before I can spare time for new projects. Nevertheless, here is the greenhouse looking done and already starting to fill up with pots and seeds...

The side view.

Front view.

Turn your head to the side to see the pots full of soil.
Starting off with tomato seeds and zucchini seeds.
Here's hoping 2012 will have a bumper crop!

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