Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Ms. Cow has Babies!

Cocoa Puff, minutes old
WARNING: Graphic Goat Birth Stuff

This morning a little after 9AM, Ms. Cow started making odd little noises and went to hide out in the goathouse area. Since all the other goats were eating, I figured it was her time to finally pop out her babies. Farmer K and I had a bet. He thought she had two. I thought she had three.

She couldn't decide at first which goathouse she liked better, the fancy new concrete one or the old school wooden one. She went back and forth between the two, pawing the ground. After I got a good look at her back end, I ran off to get some fresh straw for her nest. I loaded each area in case she changed her mind. She chose the wooden pallet house and made a few straining sounds before the first baby plopped right out, faster than I expected.

Cocoa Puff and Woodrow
Immediately she began the cleanup. She was still HUGE, so I knew she wan't done yet. Ms. Cow cleaned off her baby girl (Cocoa Puff) and when that little one was done, she strained a few more times and pop, another baby goat fell into the world, a very colorful boy (Woodrow).

Not long after that, my husband arrived and we watched Ms. Cow cleaning up. She made a few more noises, laid down and popped out baby number three. Another boy (Easter). All three learned to nurse and are doing well. Cocoa Puff is smaller than her brothers but an aggressive eater.

It took Ms. Cow about an hour to have all three kids. They were wobbly at first, but when I left the ranch this evening, they were out and about, checking up on the herd and learning how big their world is. The other goats are frightened of them and run when the babies get too close for comfort.

Ms. Cow is a good momma and calls gently to them whenever they stray too far. They're already curious and trying to climb things, like the large mesquite logs we keep in there as toys.

On an aside note, I looked back through the blog to decide who their daddy is because Ms. Cow had eyes for Mojo during her milking mornings on occasion. Based on the birthdate and the markings, Jorge is the proud pappa! Read about Ms. Cow and Jorge's wild fling here in case you missed it in August of last year.

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