Saturday, August 20, 2011

Love is in the Air

Image Copyright Sunin
This morning, something strange was happening at the ranch. I went alone to do the chores (the mini-farmers had a late night) and I noticed that my broody hen was dreamily eyeing the new rooster and squishing in beside him in a nest box (more on Ricardo Rooster later). Lil G, our baby Nigerian buck, was eying Star's and Princess' rear ends with utter fascination, almost buckly moanings, and a waggling tongue. Mojo was giving off his magical buckly 'stench of awesomeness' more so than ever. Even Lucky the Ram and Teenager Sheep were cudding up and smelling each other's backdoors.

But that was not the strangest of all...

Jorge, the last goat we bought from our beloved and helpful 4-H neighbor girl, was sticking his tongue out at Ms. Cow. And Ms. Cow was leaning on the fence by him giving him her best bedroom eyes.

Jorge has been in isolation since having a twig lodged between his left hoof and limping and generally looking pitiful. The twig was promptly removed same day and his ankle bandaged to keep it stable. He was totally milking the attention and freely offering his foreleg for twice daily exams when I came in to check him.

Anyways, back to bedroom eyes and tongue boy.

Bear in mind Jorge, who is still just a young guy, is almost as big as Ms. Cow. They were snuggling up against the fence so sweetly that despite Ms. Cow's prior violent past of ramming the heck out of Jorge, I decided they ought to spend some time alone together.

I'd have taken pics but I accidentally left my cell phone at home.

There was dancing, cuddles, sniffs, rubs, and the wild mambo. Well, he tried to dance the wild mambo but he doesn't really quite know how to do the right moves. I'd done all my chores, so I figured Ms. Cow could handle teaching him the steps as she'd danced the wild mambo before...

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