Monday, August 8, 2011

Silly Goose

This is my Silly Goose. She and her counterpart Big Boy are excellent alarms. They make all kinds of noise when strangers drop in for a visit. I try to hold her each morning and give her lots of pets which she tolerates. She likes to pluck at my bracelet or watch.

She's a little more violent with the mini farmers, preferring to pluck at their hair. They think that's a good thing and bow, offering their heads to her to be plundered.

Big Boy is not as friendly, and I'm pretty sure he is a boy because he's larger and developing a dewlap under his chin. He'll let me hold him but isn't as calm as Silly Goose. She follows after me when I go into their area and demands my attention.

We have discussions about the happenings at the ranch. She keeps an eye on everything for me while I'm away.

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