Monday, July 11, 2011

Fences and Gates

Despite the scorching heat and now the melting humidity of the monsoon season, I have been slowly but surely installing new gates and fences. My plan is to have a series of pastures that I can rotate the goats and sheep in, thereby allowing vegetation to grow in the ones that are not in use. It's free food and gives them a better varied diet, and probably will keep them from getting bored when we're not there to entertain them. The goats also offer free tree trimming services which lowers the fire hazard for our land.

This is the new BIG goat pen of which all the standard size goats but Pepper will reside in. The reason Pepper can't live there is because her son is the future buck for the four big goats.

I tried having him live with his future wives, but he's still very young and smaller than all of them. They all push him around and don't share their food. He's currently residing with the sheep. He pushes them around a little, but it's fairly gentle. Maybe in a few more months when he's a taller, he can try to move in with the BIG ladies again.

Tsica has already figured out that she can ram this gate really hard with her head and knock the latch crooked (no matter how much I tighten the bolt) allowing for an easy escape. I had a length of chain and another clip that stopped her. Goats really are escape artists by design.

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