Friday, July 29, 2011

Sheep Closeup

Braveheart, Lucky the Ram and Baby Sheep #1
Since we've had the Barbados sheep, they've been wild things, leaping to the far end of their pen in fear whenever we approach, make a sudden movement, sneeze, or breathe too loudly for their liking. Just about all the pictures we have of them when they're not being held, are taken from far away. Not even worth posting on the blog because you could hardly see them. That was simply the closest we could get.

Recently, Farmer G decided that he was going to tame those sheep.

What better bribery for tameness than grain? So each day for a couple of weeks he went in there with a handful of grain. And each day they came a little closer. He swears he can pet this little one, in the forefront, on the head for a second before she darts away. Her nickname is Braveheart. She's figured out where food comes from and also that the first one to the food gets to eat the most of it.

Lucky the Ram is the second bravest. Check out his curly horns. He's getting more masculine every time I look in there. He's doubled in size since we got him. He and Jorge were having a battle for dominance last week so it was time to move Jorge out. He's a goat after all. The sheep are much happier with only their own kind in there even though little, sweet Jorge is the gentlest guy ever.

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