Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cow Search Begins

Holstein Bull in the distance and Rain, Rain, Rain!
Today we went on a cow search. We're hoping to find a reasonably priced small cow near us since we do not own a livestock trailer, and we've never dealt with large livestock that stands as tall as, if not taller than, us. We went on a journey to an animal rescue farm called HoofsnHorns located over in Picture Rocks. A very kind and personable lady runs the farm and she has taken in a lot of animals that really need a place to live out their lives in peace. She has goats, pigs, cows, waterfowl, chickens, dogs and a lot of other critters.

We were greeted by two happy-to-see-us dogs who walked with us to the cow pen. My husband had never been up close and personal with a standard size cow before, and I could immediately tell by the look on his face that this was a little intimidating. There were several cows there to meet, two of which were for sale, Rose and Ellie. One of the holstein mommies was very happy to get my attention and scratches. When I moved on to go to the next area, she came up behind me and bumped me to let me know she needed more scratches.

These cows were HUGE. They could look me in the eye. And they were beautiful. And I bet they make a LOT of milk. Did I mention they were HUGE? Sweet girls though.

Waiting on the porch for the rain to stop.
At that point it started to rain and then pour! We had to hurry up out of the cow area and take shelter on the porch where a lot of the rescued animals were already hiding out from mother nature. We met cute goats of many sizes and ages and a sweet deer.  It was obvious these animals are well-loved.

If you'd like to learn more about HoofsnHorns, stop by the website. Shelby sells goat milk soap and other homemade items to help support her animals. You can even sponsor an animal by donating for hay and feed.

Thank you, Shelby, for letting us meet your cows!


  1. Hey, I was talking to a lady at work today and she just bought a cow from the U of A. didn't know if you know they sold cows but made me think of you.

  2. Thank you! I didn't know they sold live cows. We're thinking we want a miniature breed, but it all depends on price and the cow's disposition. Minis are very expensive and so very far away from where we are. We'd have to make a good long day trip to see one. I'm not totally opposed to someone's older, but sweet, used milk cow. The huge size is still a little intimidating.