Tuesday, July 26, 2011


It's done, at last!

This morning Farmer G and I put the last touches on the side unit affixed to our new hay/tool shed. The shed is conveniently located in a drive where I can back my truck in and unload the huge 70-80 pound bales of hay. I can now store at least 12 bales, probably more.

The shed does a fantastic job of keeping out the rain and elements (and rodents) so the hay will stay fresh and yummy for all the ruminants we have to feed. One other great unanticipated benefit is that all the loose bits of hay stay fresh when they fall onto the plastic floor. I keep a bucket and a broom in there so that will no longer be wasted. The prior hay storage area was three pallets and a piece of corrugated plastic. The bits fell through the pallet slats and were wasted.

My hand and gardening tools are slowly migrating to their new home. I still need to snag one of the huge shelf units from the restaurant to place against one wall. That will give me ample storage space for all the other goodies I want to keep in there.

The last thing I want to do is hookup a rain collection barrel to the shed. It comes with almost everything needed to do so. I just need a length of hose. I may be able to use a piece of one of the hoses that burst. (We have extreme water pressure out there.)

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