Sunday, April 3, 2011

Tomatoes are Coming!

Green Tomatoes in the Test Garden
After today's chores of milking, hoof trimming, feeding treats, and watering, I inspected the garden's green inhabitants and found that most of the larger tomato plants have little green tomatoes started. The ones in the test garden are loaded. I have a feeling I need some chicken wire in case any bunnies decide they're hungry. My neighbor mentioned she saw a cottontail headed my way. I plan to fasten the chicken wire around the inside of the picket fence. It'll keep smaller critters out and help reinforce the fence as well.

My other neighbor asked me if I had seen any deer or had some get in the garden yet. Deer? Oh dear, that four foot picket fence won't keep them out. (It was intended as a child barrier.) I'll need to get some higher wire fence for the outer edge of the property, or keep the neighbor's mastiff on double guard duty.

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