Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Meet Violette

Yesterday after school, we went for a little trip to Hereford, Arizona to meet a goat. We found her from an online sale listing. It was a bit of a drive and the kids took a nap on the way, but when we reached the family's house and rushed out back to meet their goats we were not disappointed. They were selling their pregnant doe named Violette.

She looked a lot like Booger to me, but so much smaller. In fact, she's smaller than Princess. She was obviously well loved because she let us pet her and has been trained to jump up on the milkstand already. Vi is almost a year old and she's due to kid May 29. We bought her, of course. Who could resist such a sweet little lady?

Alfalfa for breakfast.
She wasn't too keen on being alone on the way home, standing most of the time and calling out for her family. When she arrived at the ranch, it was already getting dark. The first goat she met was Mojo, and unlike the other ladies, she liked him. They both sniffed each other through the fence for a while.

Then we took her in with the other does. We kept Tsica separated since her nickname is Ms. Bossy and she likes to throw her weight around and prove to all the other goats that she's the biggest, strongest, most food eating-est goat around and that no human is allowed to pet anyone but her because she's the cutest--she is--she is! *goat hoof stomps in background*.

Vi hung out with the babies, Vanilla and Canella for a while. Before we headed home, we switched her out and let her be with the other Nigerian Dwarfs. She's still a tad out of place today, but has no qualms about throwing her (little) weight and horns around if anyone gets too close for comfort.

Queen of the Cube
She likes the playhouse and the climbing cube best, but unlike the other goats, she really enjoys the shade in the manger area. Vi has her corner all picked out. I'll have to toss in some more straw for her to rest in when I go back in the evening.

The family that had her kept their chickens with their goats--and hubs thought that was a very good idea indeed. I was given clearance to get more chickens...which of course, I promptly did.

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