Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Green Eggs

Green and White Eggs
Yesterday, Farmer C went out to inspect the chickens and finally found two colored eggs--green ones from two of the three Ameraucanas. Now we can really have green eggs and ham...

This means that four of the eight chickens are laying. We're definately going to have a surplus of eggs when all the ladies are at work.

Our first dozen.
We ate the first dozen eggs for dinner one night in sandwiches. They were the best eggs ever, very tasty and fresh. We already have eight more in the fridge and collect 1-3 a day now.

The yolks are so orange compared to store bought eggs. It's obvious our hens are getting a good variety of food. They eat everything green they can get to. I wish we could free range them in the backyard, but there are simply too many predators to do so safely. I may build a chicken tractor for them so they can literally be weed-eaters and do the dirty work for me.

If you've never heard of a chicken tractor, check out this link: Chicken Tractor. It's a nifty device that keeps the hens protected while letting them "clean" up the yard and prep it for planting. It's generally mobile so once they finish an area, they can be moved on to the next spot in need of a feathered gardener.
Orange Yolks

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