Thursday, April 28, 2011

New Additions to the Ranch

Sheep #1 and Sheep #2 Mom and Daughter
The latest additions to the ranch are four Barbados Sheep, all ewes. The oldest is almost 2 years, next is 2 1/2 months and the babies are 5 weeks old. We bought them in Rio Rico, Arizona from a man who raised animals as a hobby. Only, he had to work that day and his wife took us to see them. The catch is that these sheep are NOT in any way, shape, or form, TAME.

So, we had to wrangle sheep. With lassos. On jagged, rocky terrain. Did I mention a Barbados ewe can jump six feet in the air? Really. She cleared my head. It was insane. I stood there holding a lasso in one hand and wondering just how in the world we were going to get them in the truck. They were fast. We contemplated returning when the man didn't have to work. Being my usual optimisitic self, I suggested we give it a few more tries...

Sheep #3 and # 4 the 5 week lambs
After about an hour of chasing sheep and tossing rope at them, the wily critters began to tire. The wife caught the first one. We hauled the sheep to the kennel. She roped the second one by the back hoof. I helped, lassoing the ewe around the neck. Sheep #2 was safely carted to the kennel to join Sheep #1.

The lambs were easier. I attempted to lasso one and ended up just grabbing her when she leaped in the air. Once I had a hold of her she went all docile and cute on me. Tricky beast! The fourth lamb was captured mid-air by the wife. Hubs was there to chase the sheep whichever way we needed them to go, and he did try his hand at roping, but in the end the women-folk were the real wranglers.

The children wrangled up the sheep just fine the following day after school, making us adults look a little silly.
Farmer K and a lamb
Farmers C and K with the other lamb

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