Tuesday, March 22, 2011

So Much More than Blue Eyes

Handsome, virile, and able to make
4 buckets of fantastic fertilizer in one month.
What's not to love?
Last night we had rain for the first time since the garden was planted. I figured when I drove up the place would be stinky, but it wasn't. I had it in my head I'd be cleaning up poo. Since Mojo lives alone (unless one of his lady friends is visiting) in his Love Shack which is a 10x10 kennel, I decided it was time to clean out his bedding. He had so kindly laced it with pee and poo for me. Goat poo is supposed to be very good for a garden. Everything I've read says it can be placed directly in the plot without composting as it doesn't burn the plants like other manures can. Mojo's pen cleaning chore yielded 4 five gallon buckets of poo and soiled straw bedding which covered approximately 200 feet of garden rows. Just think what the other seven goats can make for me...

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