Monday, March 21, 2011

Field Trip to Benson

Petunia aka Matilda-Cow
Sunday we decided to head to Benson to check out a couple of goats a lady was selling. A week ago they were in milk but dried up a couple days before we could make it out there. Nevertheless, we were still interested. Hubs wanted a couple of goats who have meat bloodlines in them for the obvious reason.

He was having second thoughts as we were driving because in the whole preliminary 'deciding to have some goats' process, we've seen some bad things: mistreated, sick looking animals that wanted nothing to do with people.

We had to take a little winding dirt road out to a remote property where we met with the lady and immediately, we were at ease. She had a lot of goats spread over a large section of fenced area, two Great Pyranese guard dogs, three cows, a huge Boer buck and everything was clean and well cared for. The goats hurried up to the fence to meet us and the kids.

Tsica sleeping with her head in my lap.
The first goat for sale that greeted us was Sprouts, now Tsica (not sure on the spelling since Hubs renamed her and it's a Greek derivation). She was very sweet and gentle and wanted to be petted on. Then we met Petunia, now Matilda-Cow. Again, very friendly and obviously well-loved by the children who lived there.

So here's the deal. Matilda-Cow had two baby does that had recently been weaned, but Hubs thought maybe they shouldn't be parted from their mom just yet so he asked if we could buy them as well. And so, two goats became four. Thank goodness we brought an extra large dog crate with us.

The two adorable baby does Canella and Vanilla.
 They are Matilda-Cow's daughters.
These goats are a mix of three breeds: Nigerian Dwarf, Mini-Nubian, and Boer. They are double the size of our Nigerian Dwarfs and they all have their horns. Every single one is an absoulte doll to spend time with, mellow, good-natured, and glad for any and all attention.

Our only concern is if Mojo will be able to perform his manly duties when the time comes. He may need a step-stool...

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