Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fig Trees

Today Farmer K and I planted two beautiful fig trees which are able to bear fruit soon. This is the last of the trees to go around the Gigantic Garden. I love fig trees for their massive leaves, the sweet musky scent they give off when I walk by and brush against their leaves, and for their mild fruit.

The pallet picket fence is still not complete partly because the kids are on spring break from school and trying to accomplish projects with all three in tow is not an easy feat. My small generator wasn't cooperating the last time I used it, halting mid-cut. Hubs got it to start but it soon petered out and neither of us could wake it up again that day. I did add another brace to the fencing to keep it sturdy while it waits to have the last bits added.

We have several new bean sprouts popping up all over and garlic shoots are pushing through the ground.

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