Monday, September 12, 2011

Day One: Construction

Do you recall what the one thing was that would stop construction of the ramada structures I want for my milking area and cow shade? It's a four letter word...

Yeah, that's right.
I piled my kids in the truck to take them to school and lo and behold the sky was gray and filled with clouds. Soon the lightning started. The rain began to splat against my windshield and I kept praying it wouldn't hit the land. It looked clear way over there. But no. A hazy rain fog settled in and I just had this bad feeling that things weren't going to work out. It is Monday after all and a full moon. John called to let me know he had to pull the crew out since the lightning was so bad and they were working with a lot of steel. I was sad, but what could I do?

He also said that the tree limb we had previously thought would be out of the way was actually in the way.

They did manage to dig one hole.

They've marked spots for more holes.

Here is the auger they use to drill the holes.

Here is their nifty wheelbarrow and hose.

Since the crew was gone by the time I got there and I don't want there to be any more delays that I could possibly prevent, I decided to cut down that huge limb all by myself. I've used my chainsaw before although not many times, and I will admit that I'm a little bit afraid of it (Texas Chainsaw Massacre).

Here is the offending limb.

Here is my girlie generator.

Here is my girlie chainsaw. 

I started in on that limb. This little voice in the back of my head warned, "Make this first cut a good one because you might not get a second chance." However, I knew it would be cool to cut the limb in several smaller, more manageable pieces. So I lopped off a huge chunk. Satisfied with myself, I began my second cut, feeling quite confident in my chainsaw wielding abilities. Slow and steady, I patiently did the undercut and clink.
The chan came off the guide.
(Note to self: Do not ignore the voices in your head.)


I did not have the proper tool to undo the bolt and refasten the chain...

But not to worry...

Thanks to my late father-in-law, I have one of these.

I admit, I was having some anger management issues.
And I had a strong, sharp axe.

Wielding an axe is hard work.
I had to take a break to haul away the first massive part of the limb.

There was blood, sweat...
and more anger.
I do not have time for tears.

And so I chopped the heck out of that limb with my axe.
And I won.

And my anger was managed.

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