Saturday, September 3, 2011

Look Who's All Grown Up

When I first saw Jorge as a baby next door, I actually wondered where the heck he came from. I knew Angelica had two does, but no one was sure that Pepper was pregnant. She hid him well until the day he popped out. He was a cute little fella and he grew up fast.

Jorge waiting for his pedicure.
I bought him because I felt sorry for him when I was having a particularly bad day. He was all alone and crying every time I drove by. It was pretty pitiful. When I got him over to the ranch, all the other goats took pleasure in wailing on the poor, little guy. He ended up living with the two ladies closest to his age and eventual grown size, Vanilla and Canella as well as all the sheep. Until the day Lucky the Ram decided he was the big boss and started battling with Jorge. I have been told sheep hit differently than goats and can kill a goat if they tag him just right. So, Jorge has been in solitary confinement in the back pen that adjoins the lady goats area. He has his own pallet mansion and never has to fight over food. The scenery is particularly nice if you're a male goat. He gets daily love and attention from me because I really can't resist his cuteness. He thrives on pets and scratches and conversations about how handsome he is.

Jorge checking out what he's got going on back there...
It was his turn today for a hoof trim this morning, so I led him from his pen to the stanchion. I have to take him through the area where the lady goats are. He waggled his tongue at them and made his special moaning noises. He's turning into a manly goat. If you've never been around male goats (bucks) here's something you should be aware of. They have a special scent that attracts the females and it's musky and strong. Farmer C calls it the "stench of awesomeness" and Jorge is starting to bear it. If you pet a buck, that scent gets in your skin and doesn't wash off very easily. It might well be with you through several hand washings. Most people find the stench of awesomeness offputting, especially on a hot summer day when it's overly ripe. The scent glands are located behind his horns. He always wants me to scratch him right there, too.

Bucks also do something else lovely to woo the ladies of their kind. They urinate on their faces, drink their pee, and curl their upper lip. Oh so attractive. It's a good thing he was bottle raised and super friendly, and that he loves attention and has puppy dog eyes of cuteness.

I have learned I have to be careful when I take him for leash walks as sometimes he gets excited and the stream just shoots willy-nilly all over the place. One learns to step aside quickly in such scenarios!

Not an udder.
He has not shown any signs of aggresiveness toward me or other people, but finally he's able to hold his own in the goat world. He stood up to Tsica this morning when I had to take him back to his area. The only other goat that doesn't take her bossiness is Mojo.

I guess this means everything he's got going on back there is in good working order so far.

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