Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day Two: Construction

(These photos are from September 13, 2011.)

Some days are just so crazy and busy that I can hardly find time to snap pictures with my phone. Please forgive me for the lack of pics!

Yesterday was one of those busy days. The crew came out in the morning and hurried to work. All the holes were dug and the poles set in with a lot of clamps to keep them in place. They measured and checked again to be sure they had them where they needed to be.

In the meantime, I was doing my morning chores and got a lot done, including four wheelbarrow loads of Mojo poo moved to the Gigantic Garden and some cucumber seeds planted.

I was hoping to hang out and get more pictures but after Mojo escaped and sauntered to the crew, I figured that was a sign I ought to get going. I tried some grain to lure him back home, but he wasn't interested in that. There's really only one thing on Mojo's mind. The ladies. So I got Star on a leash and sure enough, Mojo was happy to follow her anywhere, even back to his clean pen. Too bad I didn't let her hang out in his bachelor pad with him.

I was hoping to get back out to the land in the evening early enough that there would still be sunlight. No such luck. And there was a LOT of rain and stunning lightning. I snapped this pic from the safety of my truck, but if you look closely you get the idea. Here all the posts are set into the concrete and braced well with clamps and metal.

The ramadas are very tall and if and when I add some wall to this one by the camper, I'll have excellent potential for hay storage.

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