Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day Three: Construction

Today was the day! I couldn't wait to get out there this morning and see the final results. As if to make me appreciate how awful it is to have to milk in the rain, it's been raining for three days off and on and usually when I need to milk. I had moved the stanchion to the funny porch by the chicken coop to escape the weather. It's not a bad spot except the ground there is very soft. When I would sit on the stand to milk, my goat and I started slowly sinking! I kept moving the stand between milkings to keep it steady and level.

Back to the construction!

This morning the crew was hard at work when I arrived. They fastened the beams to the poles and had a generator going the whole time for their power tools. I went about my chores and finished up in time to watch from Muffy and DoeDoe's pen as the guys climbed right on top of the ramada roofs to fasten the corrugated metal to the beams. Talk about sturdy structures.

They finished up pretty quick, checked things twice, and packed up their tools to go. They asked if I was happy with them. Rather than look like a crazy person and start jumping up and down and screaming for joy I simply said, "Yes, these are great! I won't have to milk in the rain ever again." (insert big goofy smile here)

Here are the structures for you to check out:

This is the ramada for the cow.
This ramada will be a mult-purpose structure for milking,
hay storage, and a place to give the cow medical treatment
as needed. It will also be a great place to hang out if it rains! 

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