Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Planting Garlic

Garlic grows fairly easy here. We'd used up the huge batch we planted in the Gigantic Garden and needed to get some more in the ground. So yesterday morning after all my chores, I sat outside Mojo's area and peeled. And peeled, and peeled. Twenty heads of garlic took a while to get through. Mojo grew bored supervising me, sprawled across his spool-throne, and promptly began to snore. How undignified of him.

If you'd like to grow some garlic, all you need to do is get yourself some healthy mold free garlic heads. Peel off the papery skin from the outside. Pull apart the individual cloves being careful to leave their skin on. You can be neat and poke perfect holes in the garden ground and drop them in, or you can be lazy and dig one long trench to drop them in all at once, leaving enough space for growth. Water regulary and dig up once the tops of the leaves begin to wilt and yellow.

I like to wash ours and then braid the stems together so I could hang bunches in the kitchen to dry. You can clip one off as needed.

Peeling. It helps to have a bucket to catch the
papery skin to feed to the garlic loving goats.

Breaking off each clove, careful to keep
the skin intact so it will stay safe in the ground.

Best not to do this on a table with holes in it.
I'm sure you can guess why...

Lazy planting by digging a trench and dropping
the cloves in at intervals. 

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