Thursday, December 19, 2013

An Alpaca Scarf

Spun from Dreamcatcher's Fleece
Factoring in the manhours spent picking out seeds and bits of hay, carding, spinning, and crocheting, I'd say this scarf cost about $200. haha  I hope I get faster and more efficient with this new hobby.

When people asked me what I was going to make out of the alpaca fleece I received last May (with my alpacas) I answered: yarn. Because really, turning a fleece into yarn by hand is an old craft that takes skill, knowledge, and time. I didn't have all of those things when I started. I'm still working on attaining them. But like anything worth doing, I think the experience of learning this will be worth the effort. Spinning and crocheting are very unstressful to me. This is a hobby I enjoy.

There's really not a pattern to this scarf and I will admit it's not super beautiful or fancy in any way. It's just a simple, single-crochet scarf with no dye and probably has imperfections. The yarn itself being a first try at alpaca yarn, is imperfect. It has many thicknesses and in some places is frizzy, in other places super skinny and tight.

It's taught me to hold the roving gently as it gets pulled through on the spinning wheel. It's taught me not to spin too thickly or too tightly. It has re-taught me something important: patience. I suppose spinning yarn is like life. Don't hold on to things too tightly. Don't get in a hurry. Pay attention to the little details because they will affect the outcome of the final product.

Yeah. That was phiosophical and deep. All I really want to say is: OMG! LOOK! I MADE A SCARF OUT OF ALPACA FLEECE! YAY! IT ONLY TOOK ME SEVEN MONTHS TO LEARN TO MAKE YARN!

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