Wednesday, December 11, 2013

2013 Photos in Review

Calf scales, not just for calves...

Nothing like a warm fire on a cold night.
Tomatoes in November. Mmm.
Donation to the Community Food Bank provided by the sale of a goat.
Some neighbors don't like a crazy goatlady...
Pumpkins prevailed in the Three Sisters Garden!
Goodbye to Ms. Cow, Barbie, Espresso, Starlight, Starburst, Stardust, Paprika, Violette, Salt, and Vicky. Last run of the goats before a major downsize.
Goodbye ducks.

Hello Raised Beds and Big Eggplants!
Thanks for helping, Mom!

Super useful and compact hay shed for the alpacas.
My spinning wheel with alpaca yarn in the making.
Piper having breakfast.

Yearly Kingsnake Visit.

First Potato Harvest

Goodbye Geese.

Exploring New Methods to Feed the Flock.


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