Friday, February 10, 2012

A Prince is Born

The last of our mixed breed goats went into labor this morning. Tsica, aka Queen Tyrant of Goats, made a few dignified groans and began to dig out a nest to have her baby in just before I was about to leave. I went to check on her, gave her a pep talk and some rubs on her belly, and told her everything would be all right. She was early on in her labor and I had to go work at the gem show, so sadly, I couldn't stick around and be there for her.

When we all came for the evening chores, we found Tsica with her new little prince, safe and sound in the wooden goathouse. He was perky and clean, already up and walking around.

There was some question as to who the father might be, but without a doubt, the little guy is Jorge's baby. He looks just like his dad except for a little white patch of fur on his forehead. Tsica is, by far, the most overprotective mom I've ever seen. She whacks any adult goats that come near her son, and she grumbles at the other babies who want to play. She remains the alpha female of the herd.

Left on the list to have babies are: Big Momma (is she pregnant or just hormonal?) Princess, Star (who looks about to explode), Pepper, and Violet.

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