Friday, February 24, 2012

Three Little Stars

Last night, I headed out to the ranch late and was hoping to hold one of Muffy's (curly wool) babies. It was dark and despite the goats calling me to feed them right now, I heard the unmistakable high pitched cry of new babies. Who could it be? I thought Big Momma was the first to get pregnant, but I've been wondering if she just held her breath until her udder inflated to trick me. Princess was bred after Big Momma, so it could have been her... But she hadn't shown any signs.

Earlier that morning, my friend Christa and I were holding a couple of baby goats and sitting in the goat pen when Star came up between us and bit Chocolate Chip's ear. She then smirked at me and gave me that blue-eyed expression of smugness only she can give. Was that her sign that she was going to have kids? Was that her way of telling me, "Look Lady, it's my turn. Pay attention to me." I guess it must have been.

Because behind the concrete goathouses that night, she was busy cleaning up three perfect, little blue-eyed baby boys. They look incredibly small compared to the mixed breed goats. I held all three in my lap while their mom went to eat her alfalfa. Can't wait to go see them this morning and get better pictures...

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