Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Update

Last night we had the first of what I hope will be many more monsoon rains. It had not rained at the land since that last post I wrote about rain (April 10!). That's the downside of living in the desert. It's time for me to hook up the rain harvesting barrels and make sure everything is functioning right. There is just nothing like natural rainwater for the plants. This morning when we showed up everything looked so much healthier. No wilting leaves at all. Rain also will mean a lot more weeds to pull and feed to the animals.

The pumpkin vines were so excited about the rain that they celebrated by blooming all at once. You can see that the vines have really taken over in their spot. Every few days I have to pick them up off the path and put them back into their designated area. The geese help by trimming them if they get too close to their resort.
I'm crossing my fingers that some of those giant pumpkin seeds I snuck in there will actually grow. I didn't mark where I put them so it's all a mystery. I had put some warty gourds in there as well.

Maybe by next month Farmer G will get sucked into the vines and not be able to escape when it's picture time...

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