Sunday, March 31, 2013


Farmer K did the first coat and Farmer C did the second.
One of the ladies from my oldest son's school often buys duck eggs from us. In the past, she donated several feeders and waterers for our birds as she no longer kept chickens. Last week, she showed up with an old dog crate and also this nifty handmade "coop" as she called it that used to house her beloved hens.

The ducks made their own nests and it was an easy task to gather their eggs this morning!
It was old and tired and needed a little TLC, so we dusted it off and painted it our favorite shade of barn red and moved it into the duck pen. It took them a few days to figure it out, but the birds have been laying in there now. This is great as it means less hunting around for eggs, cleaner eggs, and avoids that sad feeling when you accidentally step on a hidden egg...crunch.

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