Saturday, March 2, 2013


Pepper's baby was born February 25th while I was out there doing chores. A beautiful but very small girl that my husband named Sage. Pepper is my best milker, always a pleasure to milk, gets right up on the stand, and is patient throughout the whole process.

After the scare with Lucas and after seeing how timy this baby was, I was worried she wasn't quite right. The vet had ordered me a bottle of BoSe to keep onhand should any other kids show signs of a selenium deficiency. To me Sage just did not look right. I gave her a BoSe shot later that day. I showed her where Pepper's milkmakers are so she could find the food. Several times.

She seemed tired and weak for a little goat. Usually after they get cleaned off and eat, they're up and moving around. As the days went by, I worried more and began to milk Pepper straight into a bottle to feed Sage. She ate hungrily and perked up after each feeding.

February 28th when I showed up in the morning, Sage had already passed. I buried her by Princess and Gucci. It was very sad. Pepper is still calling for her lost little one and looking at me as if at any moment I will hand her baby back to her.

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