Monday, May 21, 2012

Two Pekins

This mated pair of pekin ducks came to us from an employee who no longer wanted them. I'm not sure why. She lays an egg every few days. They're very quiet, and the male is much less agressive than Blue Duck, our resident male pekin. Ducks do need their water cleaned daily, so maybe that was it.

Anyways, we're glad to have them at the ranch, and they seem happy here. They fit right in and usually stick close together. They both had girl names, but we're calling them Alex and Chloe for now.

Not sure if the female will set on her eggs since BB Goose keeps stealing any eggs in the yard, rolling them to her nest, and furiously guarding them from anything and everything. I guess she wants to be a mom and isn't that picky about what hatches out. In fact, being that she loves Blue Duck so much, maybe she'd be content with a baby pekin.

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