Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The Bell

The bell has been worn by many animals at the ranch. First, it was Big Momma's. Then when Tsica became the assertive tyrant of the goat herd, I put it on her to warn the other goats that she was charging them, aiming to knock them out of her way, or away from her food, or just to knock them because she could. Eventually she asserted herself so much that she didn't need to ram other goats anymore. She just makes a growl and they clear out. Gucci wore it for a while when she was on her walks. Not for any other reason than she is a cow and it's a cow bell. It kind of bugged her. So then I passed the bell on to Baby Cow (the Black Angus steer) but he outgrew his collar and walks around naked.

Now the bell belongs to Karma. It's big, but I figure she'll grow into it:

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