Sunday, December 4, 2011

New Chicks

A few days ago, a couple of the workers stopped by from next door wanting to know if I had any jobs for them. Although I didn't, I figured I'd take down their information in case I did in the future. The man who gave me his phone number said his name was Ricardo. At which point I began to get upset. I told them what had happened to my little rooster and pointed out his grave.

We talked some more and I offered them the huge pile of wood at the front of the property. Ricardo was grateful and said he would come by Saturday and not only take away all that dead wood (which I have been trying to get rid of for some time) but bring me a hen as well to replace my Ricardo.

Instead, he brought me two hens! He said he has about 200 chickens and has too many. I figured I had too much wood so this was a good deal for the both of us. I'm not exactly sure what breed these hens are. I asked him and he said they were a black Mc-something or other. I'll have to do some research to see. They're shaped like a Dark Cornish, long and lean. Nothing like the hens I have.

The buff hen is very friendly and tolerates being held. The black one has to be captured in order to be petted. I never know where they'll be when I show up as both can fly and sneak from pen to pen.

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