Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Planting Journal

Today I planted bamboo. Four of my nine phyllostachys rubromarginata, green bamboo that is grown mainly as a privacy screen, and one phyllostachys nigra, a black bamboo that is just so beautiful I couldn't resist it's charm. I also placed the snapgragons in the ground. This is all around a hugelkultur bed I built on Monday which is spot planted with lavender, chocolate mint, and purple lantana. The hugel was heavily sprinkled with a variety of flower seeds. This bed is located at the north of the property near the chicken coop and run. That side used to be where we kept Lucky the ram, so it was pretty bare and in need of some green.

After Lucky and his entourage of wives moved away, I began tilling over the ground. They'd been on it for some time and left their nitrogen rich manure. I mulched over it all with spent straw and there are already things growing in it, mostly wheat and alfalfa.

Here is a photo from Monday of the hugel:

A pathway lined with Christmas tree trunks meanders along that brick wall and I think it will be beautiful once everything is set in and fills out--a little outdoor nature walk.

I checked in the greenhouse and discovered that the cucmber seeds are already beginning to sprout:

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