Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Man's Trash...

My mom has gone back to Florida, much to the dismay of the grandkids and me and the sheep--she took charge of feeding the sheepies the whole time she was here.

<-- Pictured is the last project she did before she left us. She finished up a worktable and a shelf in the Creepy Coop.

We found the old tabletop in an alley, left to be tossed in a landfill because it was "Brush and Bulky" pick up time here. The tabletop had no legs and looked like it was near the end of it's useful life. But Mom said it was good enough.

We tossed it in the back of my truck and took it home. After careful measuring, I sawed it into two pieces with a circular saw and toted it out to the coop where Mom fastened it to the wall with two by fours she'd managed to fashion into braces.

There's something satisfying about recycling stuff that was bound to rot in a landfill. So satisfying that we "cruised" several more alleys and found the following useful-at-a-farm-and-ranch items:

-Four large pine stumps for the goats and chickens to play on.
-An extra large doghouse for the ducks to lay in.
-A dog carrier for the hens to lay in.
-An old farm chair for tired farmers to sit in.

And all of those things have been set to good use. I don't take anything I can't use since I have enough of my own junk as it is, and it was sad to drive by so many things that could have been given a second chance by someone who could really use them.

My mom has often said her father was good at scrounging things and making do with what he had. I guess it runs in the family! I am sure we'll get a lot of good use out of this repurposed old tabletop.

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