Sunday, June 24, 2012

Pumpkins in the Summer

Pumpkins are traditionally a fall crop...and most people get pneumonia in the winter.

I planted pumpkins mainly as a shade crop to protect the other, more delicate vegetables from the harsh heat and sun. Pumpkin vines have broad leaves that created a lot of shade in a quick amount of growing time. There are pumpkin vines intermingled everywhere in the gigantc garden.

And of course, where there are pumpkin vines, there are pumpkins. I picked the first one yesterday and couldn't wait to make it into my favorite pumpkin muffins. This small pie pumpkin, grown from seeds saved twice over from a Halloween pie pumpkin 2 years ago, yielded three cups of mashed pumpkin. That's the perfect amount for my recipe.

I am of the belief that pumpkin muffins will cure my pneumonia too.

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