Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Gucci's Arrival

Gucci came to live with us late last night after her pedicure. She arrived in the dark, riding in a trailer with her cow friends. It was a little scary getting that big trailer down our narrow road...

Here she comes!

Checking out the back of the property.

Checking out her corral.
Note the flashy fly mask.

We fed her some hay so she'd feel right at home.

She took great pride in ripping it apart.

Angelica gave a lesson on halters.

The water trough was inspected.
The kids and I spent the night to be sure Gucci was all right in her new surroundings. She walked around and taste tested for a while. We didn't hear a peep out of her all night. In the morning when I poked my head out of the camper, she stood by her feed bin and mooed twice to let me know she was ready for her breakfast.

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