Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Garden is Growing

Here are a few updates from the Gigantic Garden.

Almost all of the tomato plants have green tomatoes in them. The three oldest plants that survived the cold in the test garden are the most productive. They stand about three feet tall now and are branching out, reaching across the next garden row as well as growing up into their tomato cages.

I discovered by accident that filling an empty clay pot with water in the morning and leaving it on the row by the plants helps deliver a steady trickle of water all day. The largest plant was by that pot so I brought another from home and have shifted the pots so they're situated by plants that look like they could use the extra boost.

You can see the lip of the pot at the edge of this picture.

Green Bean Seedlings

Cantalope Seedlings
 Something ate almost all of my green beans. I'm experimenting now by starting them in pots high up over the compost pile. They neighbor mentioned she saw a rabbit, but I think it might be birds. My theory is that if it were a rabbit more would be missing.

I also started some cantalope seeds in pots. Having read about what other intensive gardeners do, I want to fill up all the empty spots in my garden rows and practice square inch rather than square foot gardening. I think in this climate with the upcoming heat, the plants will do better if they shade each other. Crowding them in a bit should also control evaporation by shading and covering the earth.

The two apple trees have tiny green apples on them now. Remember the last post with the pink flowers? All gone now. The baby apples are well camoflaged, so I hope the birds don't eat them before they can mature.

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